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[PojokSatu] Makassar Teacher Certification Funds Tightened, Here's the Reason

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1 minute, MAKASSAR – The Makassar Education and Culture Service (Disdikbud) has tightened the rules for teachers who will receive certification.

This was stated by Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto during a meeting at the Indonesian Kopel Secretariat (Legislative Monitoring Committee) on Jalan Batua Raya, Tuesday (8/11/2016).

According to him, the certification funds received by teachers in Makassar should be used to increase teacher competency. These funds are not spent on consumptive spending and have no impact on improving teacher quality.

He hopes that by tightening the rules for receiving certification, teachers will start to think about spending certification funds wisely. Prioritize shopping that can improve individual quality as teaching staff rather than shopping for consumer goods.

In the future, every teacher who will receive certification will be required to have participated in teacher competency improvement activities. Apart from that, Mayor Danny instructed the Education and Culture Office to manage certification funds transparently.

"We are making improvements in the education sector in stages, starting with improving the quality or competency of teachers, especially teachers who receive certification," said Mayor Danny.

A number of steps will be taken following the recommendations produced by Article 33 and Kopel Indonesia. This includes balancing the budget for underprivileged families so that children from underprivileged families can receive quality education.

The city government will also reorganize laboratories and libraries in schools to improve the quality of teaching.

Mayor of Makassar during a meeting at the Kopel Indonesia secretariat, Jalan Batua Raya, Tuesday (8/11/2016).

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