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[Voice of NTB] NTB Prepares Strategy to Quickly Recover the Economy in the Midst of the Pandemic

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Mataram (Voice of NTB) – NTB Province is taking steps to prepare a strategy for faster economic recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Regional Planning and Development Agency (Bappeda) of NTB Province, Thursday, October 7 2021, held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to formulate this strategy. The FGD presented the keynote speaker, Eka Chandra Buana, SE, MA from Bappenas.

Moderated by the Head of the Economic and Natural Resources Division of the NTB Bappeda, Iskandar Zulkarnain, SPt. M.Si, a number of invited speakers included, Dr. Amry Rachman (Head of Bappenda NTB), Dr. Prayitno Basuki (academic), Achmad Fauzi (Deputy Bank Indonesia NTB), Suryahadi (DPRD NTB), I Gusti Lanang Putra (BPS NTB), Sudarmanto (Head of DJPB NTB), Lalu Anas Amrullah (Kadin NTB), and Santoso (Article 33 ).

Activities are carried out offline and online, using the Covid-19 protocol. Present on this occasion, Assistant II of the NTB Regional Secretariat, dr. Eka Nurhandini, Sp.A. Other invitations from Bappeda throughout NTB, OPDs within NTB Province, and business/professional associations and related stakeholders.

One of the interesting things in this FGD is the potential for faster economic recovery in NTB Province. Bappenas even said that the NTB economy had recovered. Because it is supported by superior sectors and abundant natural resources.

Dr. Prayitno Basuki stated that in the midst of an economic situation like this, recovery would be very slow if we only relied on APBD support. NTB's fiscal capacity in one year or two years will remain heavy. Therefore, strategic partners are needed to work together on an ongoing basis. It could be the private sector, NGOs, investors or strategic partners in the financial sector in developing strategic sectors.

Together with this strategic partner, we can develop and manage NTB's potential sectors together. For example, the agricultural sector has survived the most amidst the pandemic. According to him, it is not enough just to manage it from upstream to downstream, but it must go straight to marketing.

"It's not enough to just develop commodities or sectors so that we only make products, but don't market them. That's a hassle. "That is one of the functions of this strategic partner," he said.

This strategic sector has a complete role, from coaching, mentoring, facilitation, to promotion and marketing. Prayitno Basuki continued, the agricultural sector cannot be alone, it must be supported by the middle sector, namely tourism and the processing industry.

''And the sectors have been identified. "Now we just need to take strategic steps from regional friends, what must be done to build this business model," he said.

Head of Bappeda NTB, Dr.Ir.H. In the opening FGD activity, Iswandi said that from a development perspective one should not look at the APBD budget partially. The budget that goes to NTB comes from the APBN, Ministry of Institutions, from districts/cities, and even from the community itself. Everything must be seen comprehensively. The potential for NTB's recovery is not only determined by the APBD. But all economic resources. This includes the private sector which must continue to be encouraged to take steps to help accelerate economic recovery.

“Everyone must have the same commitment to recover faster. "This is what we are encouraging, one of which is through this FGD," he said.

He also said that one of the sectors with the greatest opportunity to continue to be developed was the agricultural sector. This agricultural sector is the most attractive because it has resilience, especially during this pandemic. Therefore, according to him, this sector must also be strengthened. But don't just rely on this one sector alone.

It is necessary to diversify the economy so that the added value of the agricultural sector increases. Likewise other sectors. So we can formulate together how to manage these existing potential sectors to encourage faster economic activity and growth.

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