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Tiga Tiga Indonesia is a policy research institute for inclusive development issues. Tiga Tiga Indonesia Articles has produced various research in the areas of: (a) regulatory mapping and regulatory framework; (b) education; (c) village development and 3T area management of natural resources (SDA); (d) health; (e) forestry; and (f) population. Apart from research, Article Tiga Tiga Indonesia has also provided various assistance in policy development for relevant governments and built networks with various relevant civil society organizations, where one of the activities carried out by Article Tiga Tiga Indonesia is research and policy making.


This internship program will be placed in Jakarta, so it will prioritize interns who live in Jakarta.



The Internship Program will be under the supervision of the Program Manager and the Institute Management team. This program requires a position to be placed assisting with related tasks Knowledge Management.



  • Along with Knowledge Management Consultant, create a database management system development plan
  • Applying a database management system that has been prepared in an SOP together with Knowledge Management Consultant;
  • Assist in processing and tidying up data produced by Articles Tiga Tiga Indonesia;
  • Make minor modifications to the library automation application (open source) according to the company's database management needs;
  • Support the program team in compiling narratives that will be published publicly via website And social media Three Three Indonesian Articles.


  1. Internship participants are active students at the D3/D4/S1 level of at least semester 5
  2. Intern participants are students who have just graduated from D3/D4/S1 education level
  3. From all education departments with any campus accreditation (campuses under the Ministry of Education and Culture)
  4. The minimum internship duration is 3 months with a maximum of 12 months
  5. Intern participants will be selected following the Three Three Articles SOP
  6. Intern participants are required to support the Three Three Articles program
  7. Intern participants are required to make regular reports every month which are reviewed by their superiors/supervisors
  8. The results of the internship evaluation are the basis for extending the duration of the internship
  9. Intern participants will receive pocket money per month in accordance with the provisions of Article Three
  10. Article Three Three will issue an Internship Agreement Letter which must be complied with by apprentices


Article Tiga Tiga Indonesia is an institution that opens equal opportunities for everyone. Interns may not be discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, skin color and/or marital status.

Interns with Disabilities: Tiga Tiga Indonesia Article accommodates applicants with disabilities, where interns with disabilities who meet the requirements can participate in the application process. Please notify us in writing of any special requirements at the time of application.


Applications must include the following attached documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Attach a letter of interest in internships for students who have just graduated and a certificate of internship from campus for active students