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Article 33 Indonesia is a policy research institute for inclusive development issues. Article 33 Indonesia has produced various research in the areas of: (a) regulatory mapping and regulatory framework; (b) education; (c) village development and 3T area management of natural resources (SDA); (d) health; (e) forestry; and (f) population. Apart from research, Article 33 Indonesia has also provided various policy development assistance for relevant governments and built networks with various relevant civil society organizations.

Currently, Article 33 Indonesia has a sub-organization, namely, Article 33 Research Academy (A33RA) which focuses on supporting the development of social research in Indonesia, through a learning management system. A33RA is a digital platform that aims to increase the scientific literacy of young researchers, students and the general public to be able to further develop their potential in the field of research, especially those related to the scope of Article 33 Indonesia.


Article 33 Research Academy is a learning management system which was initiated by Article 33 Indonesia, a research institute that focuses on encouraging policies based on scientific evidence. Article 33 Research Academy was initiated as a platforms learning for the wider community to conduct quality research that can bring beneficial changes to society in accordance with the scientific background studied.

The Module Developer will support the Article 33 Research Academy in compiling the modules and learning media that are part of it learning management system according to the material mastered and in accordance with the offer, namely:

  1. NVIVO or,
  2. Qualitative Research or,
  3. Tableau or,
  4. Big Data Analysis.

The module compiler will be in intense contact with the Article 33 Research Academy team within one month in preparing the module and learning media with a systematic flow. Apart from the module which is the main focus in the learning media, the module developer will also compile learning videos as part of the learning media. This is intended so that module users can understand the content of the material in it in accordance with the learning objectives.


The position of Module and Learning Media Compiler will be directly on the Article 33 Indonesia and Artile 33 Research Academy teams and will be responsible to the Executive Director, Program Manager and Article 33 Research Academy Manager with the following scope of responsibility:

  1. Developing the flow and mechanism for creating learning media, especially modules that can be a reference for learning media makers and also candidates trainer;
  2. Preparation of indicators that can be used as a reference in compiling learning media that can meet good quality standards;
  3. Develop modules and learning media within one month (can be discussed further) that are easy to understand and apply according to the needs of LMS consumers.


  1. Bachelor's degree or above in a field relevant to the selected module (having a Master's / Doctoral degree and in the process of completing the study is highly preferred), for example: 
    1. NVIVO: Anthropology, Economics, Education, Fisheries Economics, etc
    2. Qualitative Research: Anthropology, sociology, Economics, Education, Public Health, etc
    3. Tableau: economics, statistics, education, sociology, public health
    4. Big Data Analysis: statistics, mathematics, data science, computer science
  2. Have experience in compiling learning modules and/or media (confirmed with examples of work in Indonesian and/or English);
  3. Have experience teaching in the material and are willing to become trainer if necessary;
  4. Good Indonesian and English language skills, both spoken and written;
  5. Knowledge of the issues that are the focus of Article 33 Indonesia's work will be an added value;
  6. Skills in applying digital learning applications with the material offered
  7. Willing to work both independently and with a team with a flexible schedule, and uphold the principles and policies of Article 33 Indonesia.


Article 33 Indonesia is an institution that opens equal opportunities for everyone. Applicants may not be discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, color and/or marital status.

Applicants with Disabilities: Article 33 Indonesia accommodates applicants with disabilities, where applicants with disabilities who meet the requirements can participate in the application process. Please notify us in writing of any special requirements at the time of application.

Applications must include the following attached documents:

  1. Motivation Letter (no more than 1 page);
  2. CV;
  3. Maximum of 2 (two) examples of modules that have been prepared previously (if there are learning videos that have been prepared, it will be an added value).

Applications can be sent via email with the subject: A33_LMS_ (material selection),  ex: A33_LMS_NVIVO (if you can compile NVIVO modules and videos), If you are interested in more than one material, you can send it in separate emails. Latest Email  Friday, October 22 2021 to:  and cc to And