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Article 33 Indonesia is a policy research institute for inclusive development issues. Article 33 Indonesia has produced various research in the areas of: (a) regulatory mapping and regulatory framework; (b) education; (c) village development and 3T area management of natural resources (SDA); (d) health; (e) forestry; and (f) population. Apart from research, Article 33 Indonesia has also provided various policy development assistance for relevant governments and built networks with various relevant civil society organizations.

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In an effort to increase the capacity of elementary school teachers in grades 1-3 regarding literacy and numeracy teaching abilities as well as developing the capacity of the KKG as a forum for increasing teacher capacity, collaborating in a consortium, INSPIRASI and Article 33 Indonesia will develop the 'Learning Leadership (Instructional Leadership) and Development of a Practitioner Community to Improve the literacy and numeracy abilities of elementary school students in Southwest Sumba funded by the William and Lily Foundation. The program is based on the following four problems:

  1. The low level of thinking and capacity of Principals in academic supervision as well as pedagogical knowledge of literacy and numeracy,
  2. Lack of function Communities of Practice (Practitioner Community) from the Teacher Working Group (KKG) and Principal Working Group (K3S) forums,
  3. The absence of an accountability system/mechanism for school performance on student learning outcomes (including literacy and numeracy)
  4. Low regional government planning capacity in understanding and managing policies/programs related to literacy and numeracy in a substantial way (not just administration)


In this project, Article 33 Indonesia will play a role in the process monitoring and evaluate by compiling baseline, midline And endline. Currently in process monitoring and evaluation is already in process midline. Article 33 Indonesia needs an Instrument Consultant who can measure achievements output And outcomes which relate to changes in the behavior of school principals in supervising teachers, changes that occur in K3S and KKG, as well as changes in local government programs and policies related to literacy and numeracy. Qualitative Researchers will work with short duration phases midline and if it has satisfactory performance it can be extended to phase endline until 2023.


Instrument Consultant Position nature part time based and reports directly to the Executive Director, Program Manager and Project Coordinator. The position includes responsibility for providing support to Article 33 Indonesia in developing instruments in the form of:

  1. Prepare the instruments needed for project activities, which include: Preparation drafts instrument; Presentation drafts instrument; and Finalization drafts
  2. Facilitate instrument training for enumerators.
  3. Analyze the results of data collection.
  4. Coordinating around instruments
  5. Attend meetings aimed at supporting the instrument.
  6. Carrying out other work related to the project 'Learning leadership training (instructional leadership) and building a community of practitioners to improve elementary school students' literacy and numeracy skills.



The duration of this work is approximately until June 2022 with the output to be determined by the project.


  1. Master's degree or above in a relevant field, for example psychometrics, education;
  2. Minimum 2 years of work experience in the field of numeracy literacy as well as compiling and developing assessment;
  3. Have good report writing and oral communication skills in Indonesian;
  4. Knowledge of the issues that are the focus of Article 33 Indonesia's work will be an added value;
  5. Commit to working short durations on phases midline;
  6. Willing to work both independently and with a team with a flexible schedule, and uphold the principles and policies of Article 33 Indonesia.



Article 33 Indonesia is an institution that opens equal opportunities for everyone. Applicants may not be discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, color and/or marital status.

Applicants with Disabilities: Article 33 Indonesia accommodates applicants with disabilities, where applicants with disabilities who meet the requirements can participate in the application process. Please notify us in writing of any special requirements at the time of application.

Applications must include the following attached documents:

  1. Motivation Letter (no more than 1 page);
  2. CV