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Business Summary

Waroeng33 is a platform for increasing the economic capacity of marginalized people. The groups targeted are disabled groups, indigenous community groups, MSMEs, disadvantaged and border village communities who have products that can be marketed more widely. In this way, this platform is here to provide space for this group to market their products more widely on the Waroeng33 marketplace and facilitate the partners who join by providing training and mentoring. It is hoped that these efforts can increase the capacity of partners to run their business better. We support social enterprises in developing their business. To achieve this goal, we will collaborate with various parties and groups.

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Bridging the gap between communities that have limited access and the availability of resources so that they connect and collaborate to create inclusive and sustainable businesses

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  • Improving the quality of communities that have limited access through training and mentoring programs so that they can be empowered and increase competitiveness.
  • Bridging communities that have limited access with the government and the private sector.
  • Bringing Indonesian MSMEs to the digital and technology-literate market.
  • Opening and expanding networks between communities that have limited access.
  • Become a forum for socialization, communication and sharing of knowledge among communities that have limited access


Waroeng33 was inspired by the advocacy work carried out by Article 33 Indonesia in carrying out policy advocacy. When carrying out this advocacy work, the Institute
seeing that communities living around forests and indigenous communities have products that can be marketed to a wider market. Unfortunately, they have limited access to this wider market. The obstacle could be the ability you have to run it

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their business is limited and only sells conventionally. This is what underlies Article 33 Indonesia initiating Waroeng33, so that the target group has wider market access and they have better capacity in running their business. To increase this capacity, this platform will provide various training and empowerment to partners who join.
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How to Support

Everything that waroeng33 is fighting for will progress and develop with the support of many parties. There are many ways to get involved and support waroeng33 in
carry out its purpose.

  • Buy products.
  • Become a partner.
  • Follow Instagram.
  • Connecting waroeng33 with partners


The products sold on the Waroeng33 marketplace are products that come from affiliated partners, whether in the form of handicrafts, food and drink, clothing, household equipment and other products. Partners who join will have the opportunity to sell their products online and partners will also be given training and assistance in running their business.
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  • Tell friends and review about waroeng33
  • give waroeng33 suggestions and comments to make waroeng33 better in the future

For further information, please visit the website
waroeng33 at: