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Soft launching of the Resources Hub Initiative entitled Weaving Resilience In Indonesia

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2 minutes

at Sequis Center Building, Sudirman

July 18, 2022

The Soft Launching activity of the Resources Hub Initiative is to introduce platforms the latest that can support the organization non-profit to be more independent in managing the organization. Regional Director of the Ford Foundation, Mr. Alexander Irwan, hopes that this Resources Hub can become a bridge between civil society organizations (CSOs) to develop each other. Hillary Pennington as Executive President of the Ford Foundation, also hopes that the Resources Hub program can help civil society organizations in facing world change. This activity was attended by many organizations, namely Article 33 Indonesia, PLUS Foundation, Rumah INSPIRIT, KEHATI Foundation and other Ford Foundation partners.

Article 33 Indonesia as a research institution is committed to carrying out scientific-based advocacy. Over the past two years, Article 33 Indonesia has been a trusted partner of the Ford Foundation to encourage regional governments to implement the principles of economic diversification in the region. In carrying out this intervention, Article 33 Indonesia has the goal of creating quality human resources so that regions will no longer depend on nature.

Similar to the principles promoted, in this activity the Ford Foundation introduces innovation to build organizational resilience that can run sustainably. Novi Miyanto as Director of Re.Search said that there is a phenomenon of lack of funding for CSOs, as well as limited capacity within the team and a lack of public understanding. It is known that 85%-90% funding from CSOs still depends on donor funding and grants. To be able to overcome this problem, there are two solutions that can be implemented, the first is funding planning that is not only healthy but also a solution and innovative and increasing the capacity of CSO members so they can implement innovative ideas. 

Budhita Kismadi from Rumah Inspirit also discussed the importance of the art of communication in building an organization. Communication is very important to be able to build relationships and funding for CSOs so they can allocate resources and also carry out innovative activities. He introduced the "REACH" program as an answer to advancing social change through communication, one of which is THREE HUB which is the art of communicating to improve skills and connect various types of parties.

Also conveyed by Rony Megawanto as Program Director of Ananta Fund, financial strengthening is important for the continuation of CSOs. Ananta itself comes from Sanskrit which means infinite, which has the aim of managing unlimited funds for CSOs. Ananta Fund also supports an ecosystem of civil society organizations, which will focus on several issues, namely reducing inequality, strengthening social justice rights, sustainable natural resource management and world climate change. 

After that, the program delivery closed with a video from the Ford Foundation which contained the hopes of the two Resources Hub and Endowment Hub in order to strengthen Indonesian Civil Society Organizations both financially and institutionally.