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Indonesia Digital MeetUp 2022

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Waroeng33 took part in a series of Indonesia Digital MeetUp 2022 activities organized by SMESCO. SMESCO Indonesia is a brand of the Cooperative and SME Marketing Services Institute (LLP-KUKM) of the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs. The purpose of this service is to promote and market Indonesian SMEs. The services provided are market information, marketing tools, product promotion and marketing networks as well as distribution of SME products, marketing consultation to improve management capabilities and marketing techniques, as well as marketing incubation.

Waroeng33's goal in participating in the Indonesia Digital MeetUp event is to establish collaboration between Waroeng33 and various parties, especially SMESCO Indonesia. This event was opened directly by the Indonesian Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, namely Mr. Teten Masduki. Minister Teten targets that micro business products must enter the digital ecosystem and can be sold online. Indonesia's digital economy is predicted to be the largest in Southeast Asia.

The Main Director of SMESCO Indonesia, Leonard Theosabrata, provides support for MSMEs to become stronger in their understanding of digitalization, internet marketing, ad networks, makloon and others. It's time for MSMEs to be able to master the digital realm and be ready to move up in class with the effective use of technology. Therefore, holding IDM22 is very important and also beneficial for participants who not only gain the exchange of information and experience regarding technological advances and digitalization, but can also continue to hone their own potential so as to open up greater opportunities to progress together.