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Improve the Quality of Your Qualitative Research with Saturday Ceria A33 Research Academy

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Some time ago, the A33 Research Academy held NVIVO optimization training which took place online from 3 September to 15 October 2022. The training, which lasted for approximately six weeks, was attended by participants from various backgrounds, such as researchers, teaching staff and students. This NVIVO optimization training aims to improve the participants' abilities and skills in processing qualitative data in research. 

NVIVO is software for processing and analyzing qualitative data. During the training, participants received comprehensive material on optimizing NVIVO software to support the participants' qualitative research analysis. Participants gain a basic understanding of NVIVO, such as recognition interfaces and NVIVO logic. Then, participants also gain knowledge about importing documents and generating code in various file forms. Furthermore, participants also gain knowledge regarding annotation creation, case classification and attributes through NVIVO. 

The full enthusiasm of the training participants is consistently felt every week. To support the participants' learning process, A33 Research Academy also provides access to learning videos through the A33 Research Academy platform and support system via Whatsapp Group. Apart from that, NVIVO optimization training always ends with a discussion and question and answer session between participants and trainer to optimize participants' understanding of the material presented. To deepen understanding, each participant has the opportunity to apply their understanding through mini projects


A33 Research Academy also had the opportunity to have a brief chat with one of the training participants, namely Mr Sad Dian. Mr. Sad Dian is a lecturer from the STIAMI Institute who took part in the NVIVO A33 Research Academy training for the purposes of more comprehensive analysis of qualitative research results using software NVIVO. During the training, he gained a lot of understanding and improvement skills new in terms of qualitative data processing through NVIVO, such as steps for inputting data, how to analyze data through NVIVO features, as well as data processing simulations presented in the session mini projects. According to him, the NVIVO training with A33 Research Academy was very interesting and had provided enlightenment for the qualitative research he was currently undertaking. 

A33 Research Academy is part of Article 33 Indonesia which focuses on providing a training platform to increase skills in research and public policy formulation. The NVIVO optimization training is the first paid training held by A33 Research Academy. A33 Research Academy also presents Lyla Kusuma, Ph.D candidate Macquarie University, Sydney as a trainer for NVIVO optimization training this time. 

Apart from NVIVO optimization training, A33 Research Academy also offers optimization training classes software more research! For those of you who want to know more about the A33 Research Academy and its training programs, come immediately visit @a33.researchacademy on Instagram or contact the A33 Research Academy contact person via +6281213147617 (Aira). See you in class!